Sarmi and Peggy Knackers haven’t heard anything from their parents for over a month. Their mother and father have gone missing while exploring unchartered territories in search of new discoveries. The last news received was delivered in the form of a ticker tape message attached to the leg of a rare Bavarian Tree Pipit (message enclosed). According to the message they had made a hugely exciting discovery and had intended to return before the next full moon, which has been and gone.

Unbeknown to Sarmi and Peggy Knackers their Tree Pipit was intercepted  by the evil Count Cummerbund and Baron Beluga, who are equally interested in tracking down their parents in order to help themselves to any accolades or booty!

A dark storm is brewing out to sea. Sarmi, Peggy Knackers and their faithful dog Merrytail have no time to lose. They must leave the sanctuary of their home, the Watch Tower on Sark and take flight in their hot air balloon before nightfall, destination Bavaria! Little do they realise, Count Cummerbund, Baron Beluga, the Bad Hat, Shufflers and flying Monkey-Pugs are all, hot on their heels……….the adventure begins!

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