We have really enjoyed running creative workshops with both adults and children of all abilities, sharing thoughts and ideas and encouraging individual expression. We believe art is not only fun but also very good for us! Workshops to date include:

  • The Egg Factory Christmas Art Fair and Workshop
  • World Mental Health Day, Blackpool Winter Gardens
  • National Libraries Day, workshops at Moor Park and Palantine libraries, Blackpool.
  • Art for Health Course, Blackpool Central Library
  • UR Potential Youth Group, creating giant board game for Blackpool Museum in the Making
  • Wordpool 2015, School installation, Stanley Park
  • Wordpool Schools programme, Y4 – Y6 workshops
  • Easter workshop at the Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool
  • Wordpool 2014, making giant Iron men.
  • Blackpool Treasure Trove, worked with a group at Blackpool Oracle and TramShed.
  • Mask and model making workshops, Claremont Gala (November 2013).
  • Comedy Carpet Schools Programme, making board games in three schools (2013/2014).
  • Wordpool 2013 “Tiny Worlds” model making workshop, Stanley Park (July 2013).
  • Art for health, 10 weeks at Blackpool Central library (May – July 2013)
  • Claremont Community Centre, card modelling with card making group and mother and toddlers group (June 2013)
  • A creative art for health consultancy workshop (2013).
  • Three creative workshops at Hawes Side Primary School, Blackpool as part of a consultancy exercise (2013).
  • A diorama making workshops with a group of apprentices as part of Blackpool Project Object (2012).
  • An Olympic torch and corsage making day at Grange Park Community day, Blackpool (2012).
  • An Easter mask making workshop at the Boo, Horse and Bamboo theatre (2010).
  • And lots of creative birthday parties at home!

We are DBS cleared.



Parents and Toddler Group's creations

 Art for Health


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Art Club, Claremont Community Centre

Art Club, Claremont Community Centre

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