The Characters

Venture into the world of Sarmi and Peggy Knackers, explorers, inventors and adventurers and accompany the intrepid duo on their mad cap journeys in search of clues to the whereabouts of their missing parents. Together with their loyal dog Merrytail  they stumble across lost worlds and ancient artefacts along the way.   

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But beware of Count Cummerbund, a mad scientist and his co conspirator Baron Beluga, collector of fine things and all round thief! Armed with flying Monkey-Pugs and a posse of  henchmen including the Shufflers and the Bad Hat, the despicable pair are in hot pursuit! Can you help Sarmi and Peggy Knackers to seek out their parents and evade the gruesome twosome? 

We high-five children, adults and four legged friends with Bonker*s Clutterbucks Power, so get creative!

Copyright©2012. All rights reserved Bonkers Clutterbucks

One Comment on “The Characters”

  1. Laura says:

    What fun creations! Makes me wish I still had young children. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and subscribing. I look forward to investigating more of your very unique items– xLaura

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