New Goodies

Very excited to have sourced some lovely carnival lights, tattood lady tote bags, DIY dolls and playing cards……..with tattoos, to complement our circus box pieces.. We’ll be taking all these new goodies to Treacle market this Sunday.

IMG_9138 Circus Diorama 2 IMG_9171 IMG_6989 IMG_9176 IMG_7043 IMG_9142 IMG_7108 IMG_9165 IMG_7096 IMG_9147 IMG_7116 IMG_9154 IMG_9164 IMG_9190

The Lost Carnival

We spent an amazing day at the Lost Carnival, Burrs Country Park, Bury yesterday in glorious sunshine. The event is created by the Wild Rumpus (Just So Festival) and featured circus performers, bands, theatre, fortune tellers, belly dances, mermaids, a mexican skull coconut shy, giant mechanical structures and a bearded lady. The carnival is on for the next two days so if you’re in the North West don’t miss it!

IMG_9120IMG_0020 (1) IMG_0021 (1) IMG_8990 IMG_0032 (3) IMG_8972 IMG_9116 IMG_9119 IMG_9009 IMG_8958 IMG_8954 IMG_0025 IMG_9055 IMG_9018 IMG_0039 (2) IMG_9092 IMG_8987 IMG_0044 (1) IMG_0040 (1) IMG_0047 IMG_0023 (2)