Wordpool 2016

This month we had great fun creating props for this year’s Wordpool Great Big Family Day in Stanley Park, Blackpool. We created props and an Aunt Sally board for The BFG, Bear Hunt and Very Hungry Caterpillar, with help from the toddlers at Fleetwood Trinity Methodist Church.






Back to school!

Exciting things are afoot in Blackpool! Can’t give too much away but we spent two days in consultation with the wonderful pupils from year 3 at Hawes Side Primary School. The children worked beautifully with one another and came up with some brilliant visual ideas. Even those that were a little hesitant initially got fired up, stuck in and contributed some amazing work. Got very messy and had lots of fun!

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Blackpool Gazette – Project Object

Delighted to see the wonderful feature about Project Object in the Blackpool Gazette 7th May 2012.

Amazing day viewing Blackpool’s magical archives

Today we were given access to Blackpool’s precious historic archives at the Central library, what a gem! We were overwhelmed by history librarian Tony Sharkey and Anne’s help as they’d pre-selected an abundance of amazing imagery for us to to peruse and record. Together Peter & I took 517 photos, it was a wonderfully intense and inspiring time. We’re totally in awe of Blackpool’s amazing visual history and can’t wait to crack on with ideas for Project Object.