Castlefield Artisan Market

We had an amazing day at Castlefield Artisan Market yesterday, so many scrummy food stalls, great vintage and handmade goodies and the sun shone brilliantly all day. Really enjoyed watching all the members of the Cotton Club Hot Club dancing…. would love to dress and dance like them….. they even have a super cool car! Great day selling with lots of other lovely stallholders ….. underneath the arches!

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Treacle Market

Bonker*s Clutterbucks had another great Sunday at Treacle Market! Superb sunshine, fabulous food, award winning meat produce, plants, local cheeses and beers, exotic mushrooms (swit swoo), tweedy handbags, flowery halos, gorgeous vintage ephemera, framed prints, all manner of handmade goodies, live music and a whopping great eagle owl (twit twoo)….what more could you ask for?

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Treacle Market January 2010

Great day at Treacle on Sunday, cold but sunny. Huge turn out as always. We had lots of interest in the wonderful Scrufts collars, turkish Hamam towels and at last we’ve found something for the boys young and old… miniature steam engine Pop Pop boats, which we demonstrated all day.

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Bonkers Clutterbucks  just got it’s very own facebook page.

Hooray for Hamams!

We are just Bonkers about beautiful textiles, it’s in the blood. We also love stripes and felt we’d really like to add some Turkish Hamam towels to our eclectic range as they’re not only beautiful but very practical and incredibly  hard to come by in the UK.  As well as being extremely soft, Hamam towels are lightweight, super absorbent, fast drying, can double up as a serong and are ideal for travellers, campers, sunbathers and surfers.


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This week we received a beautifully packaged parcel of 26 gorgeous towels all the way from Istanbul. We have a range of subtle pastel colours and stripes in 100% Cotton which we hope will fly off our stall.

Pop Pops Galore!

This week we are very excited to have received a wonderful selection of very beautiful little Indian tinplate POP POP boats from a very kind man called Keith. There are all sorts of varieties from tug boats to Broads cruisers, some painted, some hand decorated and some good old silver, all are exquisitely made. We’ve had a little play with them and can’t wait to start selling at Treacle on the 29th January. They come in some wonderfully kitsch boxes. To get a POP POP boat going, you simply fill the pipes with water, place a tiny lit candle on the spoon provided inside the boat, place the boat on water and in a matter of seconds you’ll be pop popping along. Around the globe POP POP’s are also known as Can-Can-boot, Knatterboot, toc-toc, Puf-Puf boat, Poof Poof craft, Phut-Phut, or Pouet-Pouet , we just can’t decide which we like best.

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Castlefield Artisan Market

Final push as we prepare for our last event this year Castlefield Artisan Market, Castle Street, Manchester, this FRIDAY 23rd, 10am to 9pm. We are particularly chuffed to be taking part in this event as it is only the 4th ever Artisan Market to be held here and it also happens to be the brainchild of a lovely couple from Helmshore who have been planning this remarkable market for years. We were genuinely wowed when we visited the market in November as it was a serious foodie fair / come mini Camden or Portobello Road market..with northern edge – all rolled into one. There was some extremely cool vintage ware, live jazz and Cotton Club dancers. Would LOVE to learn! The area has been regenerated while maintaining industrial heritage and the market is ideally situated between the industrial arches and the canal surrounded by great modern architecture and houseboats.  This Friday there will be lots of award winning food, drinks, last minute gifts and live music… PLUS ….BBC North West will be reporting live from there from 6.30 pm… so look out for Bonker*s Clutterbucks if you’re able! Oh and please wish us luck as it’ll be an extremely long day for the girls…. it’s cold up north, we’re all feeling pretty ropey + Peter has his annual man flu! X

Christmas at Treacle

Bonker*s Clutterbucks were invited to take part in Treacle Christmas Market which took place today….. a truely scrummy, magical, atmospheric and humbling event. 

The snow was falling heavily at 6 – 8am in Lancashire but miraculously we made it to Macclesfield and set up in a prime spot on Chestergate. Here are some of the sights before our camera started playing up.

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Bonker*s are going to Ramsbottom

Thankfully we are blessed with two daughters who are up for anything! Tomorrow we are christening our gazebo between the fish and pork pie stalls at Ramsbottom market. No we’re not camping but hoping to sell our goodies! We are mighty relieved the gazebo has finally arrived via next day delivery 10 days late!

Rammy (to all those who know her) is quite nippy at the best of times and appropriately for the season, sub arctic conditions are indeed forecast. 

To quote Wikepedia, the name Ramsbottom is believed to derive from the old english words ramm and botm, meaning “valley of the ram”, it is a “thriving market town in spectacular surroundings”…’s hoping so tomorrow!

Peter's papier mache horse

Helmshore Textile Museum Christmas Fair

Bonker*s Clutterbucks had a stall at Helmshore Textile Museum today at the annual Xmas craft fair. This years theme was Victorian so Peter and I dressed accordingly sporting two handlebar moustaches. Peter went as a sweep, Kate as a pickpocket and Heidi as Florence Nightingale (Florrie was at Brownie camp but the school bear was visiting for the weekend in honour of Heidi’s birthday).

We had another very successful fair with lots of interest in our hot air balloon kits and range of goodies. Chatted to some amazing crafters and customers, heard the school choir singing in the weaving shed, little guys got to sit on Father Christmas’s knee and we caught up with a pal visiting from Oz. A good day all round followed by our first snowfall of the season brrrrr it’s cold!