Balloon Dioramas available

Squirrel Tin with Hot Air Balloon Diorama with NYC map lining H 22cm W 14cm D 9cm £52 plus £3.50 p&p

Outside view of Hinged Squirrel tin


Mertola Hinged Cigar Box with Hot Air Balloon Diorama, Butterflies and Indian Pony, H 15cm W 12cm D 5cm £42 (plus £3.00 p&p)

Outside view of Mertola cigar box



Edgeworth Tobacco Hinged Tin with Balloon Diorama, Swallows and an Indian Pony H 8cm W 6cm D 2cm £28 ( plus £2.50 p&p)


Back and Front View



Vintage Players Unhinged Tin with Balloon Diorama, Butterflies, Swallows and Indian Horse H 11cm W 8cm D 3cm £32 (plus £3.00 p&p)


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