Happy ending

Woohoo this balloon embarked on a voyage to it’s new home today. We are delighted that it has been brought by a lady who is going to give it to her 75 year old mother who also happens to be a balloonist! 

2 Comments on “Happy ending”

  1. Jennyzigzag@gmail.com says:

    Cheers Clutterbucks! And I’ve just realised that I’ve made my mum even younger than she is! It’s actually on it’s way to a 75 year old who in the last two years has decided to start travelling the world. She has been ballooning in India and Ireland, been on a campervan trip up the east coast of Oz with four mad ballooning friends and has just got back from a trip around the Norweigan coast, through the Arctic Circle right up to the Russian border & back. Apparently she became a right curtain twitcher at every port they called into, wanting to see what was going on at 4am! When I met her at the airport on return I was greeted by people saying “Are you Jenny? Your mum’s had such a good time!” The mind boggles! I’m so proud of her!

  2. Wow Jenny, that is so great to hear. I hope I’m as adventurous as your mum when I’m 75! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope the balloon arrives safely and that your mum likes it.

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