Treacle Market and Barnaby Festival 2012, Macclesfield

We had a superb time on our stall at Treacle Market this Sunday as always, but this Sunday was particularly special as it was also the 4th day of the Barnaby Festival, so lots of events, performers, and exhibitions to see. The sun came out, the rain stayed away  and Chestergate was festooned in the most wonderful gigantic bunting.

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The street performers were great, including a contortionist and a crazy man with a suitcase (speaker) who was herding chickens into shops, ducking from overhead helicopters and running from gunfire amongst other things. We saw Teresa Wilson’s wonderful “The Ecchoing Green” sculpture installation in the beautiful King Edward Chapel, which was dark and filled with trees and the sound of crows cawing. Very eerie but equally beautiful, the girls loved it!

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