Giant Spectacular – Sea Odyssey, Liverpool

Yesterday we visited Liverpool for the wonderful street performance of Sea Odyssey. The whole of Liverpool turned out to support this amazing event which made the spectacle all the more amazing. We were enthralled by the giants, the giant radio and deck chair, the geyser, the subtle movements, blinking, sniffing, wagging, snoring and peeing (Xolo) and when the giant uncle and giant girl were finally reunited there was the most enormous cheer from the crowd! The very talented lilliputian puppeteers were dressed in pirate costumes and maritime bobble hats and ambled up and down the rigging. We enlisted our 8 and 6 year olds to take some photos, from our shoulders so here goes!

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The event was inspired by a letter written by a young girl to her father who worked as a steward on the Titanic. William McMurray did not survive the sinking and never saw the letter from his 10-year-old daughter May, which arrived after the ship had sailed. Sea Odyssey shows the girl, called Little Girl Giant, walking around Liverpool on a quest to learn news of her father from her uncle who has dived to the wreck of the ship.  

The giants are made from poplar, lime wood and steel, their eyes from street lights and hair from horse hair. The girl is 30 ft and the uncle 50 ft tall and they travel a total of  23 miles around the city. The dog puppet, called Xolo, is made from steel and papier mache. A team of 110 puppeteers and crane operators controlled the giants. The event, by Nantes-based French company Royal de Luxe, marks the centenary of the Titanic disaster.

3 Comments on “Giant Spectacular – Sea Odyssey, Liverpool”

  1. Wow, what an amazing event. I actually wish I had the chance to visit Liverpool during the Sea Odyssey event. The photos of the giant puppets are absolutely incredible. I wish there were also some videos of the event. It would be a delight to watch the entire event on tape.

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