We are bonker*s about this Dickens Diorama for the Museum of London

Would love to have traveled to the big smoke to see this wonderful diorama at the Museum of London.

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“The acclaimed creative director, curator and set designer, Simon Costin, has created a playful and contemporary window installation inspired by the Dickens and London exhibition. The view of the City Gallery from street level on London Wall will be transformed into a fantastical wintry vision of 19th century London.

Costin has created a magical and sprawling, blackened cardboard city, with winding alleys and shop fronts. At night hundreds of tiny LED lights will illuminate street lamps and the murky windows of the city.

Simon said: ‘My intention is to create a fantasy vision of London as it would have been glimpsed by Dickens on his nocturnal wanderings through the city. His essays are extremely evocative and I am using the text as my starting point and things will grow and develop from there. He has said that he felt like a child in a dream, ‘staring at the marvellousness of everything’. It is that marvellousness that I want to recreate’.”      Museum of London

The Museum of British Folklore • Museum director creates a Dickens Diorama for the Museum of London.

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