Heidi has surprised the tooth fairy!

Offering for the tooth fairy and in return a Pegasus fairy note!

Heidi and her missing tooth!

Our youngest Heidi surprised the tooth fairy tonight when her second tooth suddenly dropped out while putting on her nighty! A little bird told me the toothfairy is never prepared for the unexpected & gets a little flustered at such times. Coincidentally I’m in a flap too! Meanwhile the toothfairy has had a quick flit around the house and resident piggy banks to acquire the necessary funds, leaving behind an IOU!

Heidi is busily planning the “show and tell” at school tomorrow as it is customary for our toothfairy to leave a miniature note attached to the tooth money explaining what the tooth will be used for in fairyland. Tonight it is the turn of the fairy trombone.

Along with her tooth, Heidi has provided the toothfairy with a button which has fallen off Mummy’s pj’s and reads “snooze button”. This is a great source of amusement to Heidi. It is hoped that the toothfairy won’t outstay her welcome should she take a nap and remembers to take her pot of fairy dust with her this time. A white plastic horse has also been provided by Heidi for the tooth fairy to make a quick getaway.

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